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"Welcome Back" Party!


Thank you, Tom and Elaine Fletcher for hosting our party!

55 classmates and spouses came to share the memories!

It was great to see everyone!

We missed those of you who were not able to make it!

(more pictures to be posted next week!)

Classmates in Attendance:

Jeannie Allen Taylor        Malinda Anderson Perkins          Dana Bass          Darryl Bass

Marsha Brobst Adkins       Mike Cox        Larry Downing      Eric Downing   

Elaine Gibbs Fletcher             Dianna Glitt         Barbara Griffith Jones        

Mike Hardesty          Terry Hull             Joyce Jacobs Dumm        

Sue Ann Johnson Schiff         Anne Joyce Strawser        

Peter Knox        Brad Marshall        Scott McFarland           Betty McManes Payne                 

Jim Noel        Greg Peck        Junior Preast         Bill Reid          George Sadler                    

Carol Spangler Baker      Dan Speakman       Chuck Stevens    

Richard Thomas      Shirley Thomas Cox       Larry Tolliver      Terry Valentine

Jane VanDyke Lenyk        Jack Varble        Hank Walters        John Wills         Ed Yates

Friday night was full of classmates becoming reacquainted, meeting husbands, wives, and catching up on 35 years!

in the Kitchen

Tina (Speakman) & Sue       

 Richard & Mike                      

                                                    John Wills (Fat Rat) & Ed Yates


Betty, Elaine and Jeannie                    Barbara, Dianna  & Eric


Shorty Strawser, Carol (Spangler) & Ann (Joyce) catching up on old times!


Two Terrys and a Sue!


Fletch and Richard Thomas...deep thoughts!!                Mary & Tim


     Dan & Tina Speakman, 

      Just happy to be there!



Ed Yates, the Silver Fox!                     Larry Downing, still telling stories!


Greg Peck, never changes! 

How does he do that?



Mike Hardesty and his lovely wife, Connie, enjoying people watching!




  Junior and Pete...What a feat!


                           Sue's ready to Party!


Don't forget to Send us your pictures, too!


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