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Held at the Knights of Columbus on Main Street, 

everyone came ready to have a good time

.....and so they did!


Mr & Mrs Ron Bryant 


John Stevenson and Friend, Shirley

Sue & Mary Ann 


     Greg and Marsha     


Joyce  Lutz 


  Rosie & Tom Tootle

Lynn & Sue   


 Tom Jenkins and Trish Gibbs

Elaine, Marsha, Karen, Chris, Joyce, Betty, Sue



Remembering when.......  



Memorabilia-----so  many memories!



 Mr & Mrs Scott McFarland

(does that sign say "Fast Times" or "Past Times"??)


Lynn Kifer and Karen Lane  


Scott and Marsha ....still the same!



Marcia Brehmer and LeAnna Brevard


Rev. & Mrs Richard Thomas & Dani Sadler


Joe Winner, Mary Ann Yates, and "Fat Rat"

Shorty & Anne 


Some faces we haven't seen in a while, how refreshing!

Susan Sowers and Christine Buskirk



Terry Martin, Tom Fletcher, Jim Noel, and Ron Eitel, remembering when..........


Thanks to our own Tom and Rosie Tootle for providing some Sounds of the Sixties!!!

and the Singing!


Thank goodness for the words!

Rosie, Brad Marshall and Tom Tootle


....and the Dancing with the Stars!


George and Dani Sadler showing how it's done!  


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