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Mind-Blowing Experience!

Many of you missed the best part of the whole weekend!  Only 8 Classmates shared these memories!  

If only those walls could talk!....and boy, did they ever!

If you want to jump start your memory, just walk those halls one more time!


Ready for the adventure!   

  Greg Griffith came to share the rainy day with us!  What fun!  He explained to us that he could easily have taken Pete Knox's award for having lost the most hair! We made Greg promise that he will come to the 40th!


Sue led us through the halls,

Setting off the burglar alarm upon entering the school, Greg and Peter stand  innocently silent,  pretending not to understand!

  Fletch and Larry Payne sink right into their own footprints left in the granite floors so many years ago!


  Sue tries desperately to find her old locker.  She was certain she left her gym clothes in there.


 Fletch & Elaine stop for a romantic moment in front of their homeroom where it all began, nearly 40 years ago!                


  Room 310.  That classroom we either loved or hated, Mrs. Wachs English Class.  You will notice the original chalkboards, woodwork, but the ceiling has been lowered.  And of course, the computers have replaced  Mrs. Wachs!


In one of the back hallways,  

we found remnants of our school days, lined up waiting to be discarded......

   dare they!                            


  And yet some areas are perfect replicas of the images we have preserved in our minds.  To be there with your classmates, alone, with only your memories, was truly inspiring.                

Tom was even contemplating   taking that slide down the old stair rail.    but Terry persuaded him to walk!


Mary Anne, this is where it all began for you!              The Chemistry lab! ........As Sue points out the exact location where you, Mary Anne, caught her hair on fire!


Terry even hopped up on the old stage to give us his rendition of the theme song from Around the World in 80 Days!  

Unfortunately, Terry couldn't remember a single line.

Little remains the same there, as they have walled in the stage, flattened the floor, walled in the balcony all the way down to the bottom floor...............

.............To create 

a library.............

And yet we could still remember much of what took place there.....the teachers that were fired for being caught in a bed which had been used as one of the props for a play....

and of course, our very own classmate caught there learning that lesson oh, so well.  We therefore have appropriately re-named it "The Passion Pit"


On to the Band Room.........



Sue points out the specific location where she used to walk in and put away her clarinet!  



    Terry & Sue pose for the camera where they and other band members shared so many memories.

    Then to the many hours were spent in there completing projects?



Terry and Fletch engaged in some Shop Talk!


    But look what they have done to our Pit!  Verging on criminal activity, they have raised the floor to half the depth it was, lowered the ceilings, cut the room in half, and put in ramps!  All to make this space into a cafeteria!  

   We spent time there recalling how it was not uncommon for paper airplanes to come soaring overhead, to to be hit with a paper wad, or a squirt gun.  

We all agreed it was better the way it was before!  And so our memories of this space will have to suffice.


But some things still remain the same at the old  building.  One of them is gymnasium. And we think we heard someone cheering from the balcony, "Stonerock Stonerock, He's our man!  If he can't do it, Martindill can!"  

Who could forget decorating that place with a dropped ceiling for the Prom, our parents/friends coming to watch from the balcony , or taking our shoes off for the sock hops we so frequently had there.

We felt guilty for walking on that floor with our shoes on!    .We all remember sharing the news on November 22, 1963, when Mr. Snouffer came teary-eyed to the podium during an awards ceremony, to announce that President Kennedy had been shot.   We stand in awe of all that has changed, all that has remained the same, and all that we have been able to recall this day.....wishing you had been there to share it with us!


And so we leave,  heading to the "New" High School anticipating some more 'familiar' looking turf.........what could they possibly change there?  It's a new high school, right?

The "New" Circleville High School, built in 1967

Not much has changed here!

Now this all looks very familiar!   

  Fletch is there in the Hall of Fame!   


 Lunch in the choices here!          


The office still looks the same,too.........

  Remember this auditorium?!

    Remember how proud we were of that beautiful language lab?

GONE!  They no longer have a language lab, but a computer lab, instead!

The beautiful art room has been relocated to another smaller room. 

They offer no Home Economics classes anymore.  They have eliminated sewing from the curriculum, and replaced it with job interviewing skills.  


  This is the door to the music room.  Our guide explained to us that all of the doors in the school were taken to an area prison, and painted by the prisoners as an art project.  We also noticed that the built in risers in the choir/band room have been removed. 


Unfortunately, none of us had any memories of this library.  We had all been expelled by Miss Adkinson "for a whole year!"


Fletch showed us his locker!   

  Locker room is still the same.

We all agreed that the new gymnasium

cannot compare to the grandeur of the old gym. 


The new school has a new addition on the back, and the courtyards have finally been opened up for the Students to use.  The victory bell still stands, given by the Class of '64.  The flag pole was donated by the Class of '66.  Does anyone remember what the Class of '67 gave to the school?

Classmates have indicated that the Classes of '67 & '68 went together to purchase the brick sign in front of the school.  However, there is no marker indicating our contribution.  

Do you think we should now add a plaque in recognition of our donation?  Let us know!




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