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"Welcome Back" Party!


Thank you, Tom and Elaine Fletcher for hosting our party again!


It was great to see everyone!

We missed those of you who were not able to make it!


Friday night was full of classmates becoming reacquainted, meeting husbands, wives, and catching up on 40 years!

(we have used maiden names here to make it easier on you!)

Wonderful wives who willingly attended



                  Bill Reid    


Anne Spicer, Greg Peck, Carol Spangler

   George Sadler and Ed Yates                   

  Greg Peck & Carol Spangler

Jim Noel & 

Tom Jenkins



John Wills and Mrs. Rick Congrove

     LeAnna Brevard, Betty Payne, Carol Spangler 



LeAnna Brevard, Susie Sowers, Betty Payne, Carol Spangler, & Marsha Brobst

     Marcia Brehmer, Anne Spicer,& LeAnna Brevard


Marsha & Tom

     Ron Bryant and Scott McFarland


Shorty Strawser and Trish Gibbs (Class of '66)


   Sue Johnson, Elaine Gibbs, Anne Joyce 


Susan Sowers, Vivian Lanman, Larry Downing, Joyce Jacobs 


  Terry Martin & Karen Lane

Tom Fletcher, Bill Reid, Brad Marshall, & George Sadler

  Tom getting wasted on coffee!

Ginger White and Ron Eitel (Mr. & Mrs., that is...)


Tom with Rick Congrove and his wife

Don't forget to send us your pictures, too!


Saturday Night Pictures